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About DX2 Diesel Performance

DX2 Parts is here by popular demand! Having established our Diesel Service, Repair and Performance shop in 1992 with great success. We have been urged by our customers and friends in the Diesel Performance industry to build an online store so anybody can purchase parts from us where ever they may be.

We took these suggestions very seriously. Check out our site we hope you find everything you need for your Diesel Addiction!

Everyone here at DX2 parts is an enthusiast like our customers. We did not get into this business to get rich quick, this store is the product of a buncha crazy sled pullin’ drag racin’ junkies that couldn’t separate work from play. So we have made our hobbies our jobs. We don’t just sling parts on the internet, we use the parts you find here on our site, every single day on our trucks.

Everyone here works on their own trucks as well as our customers trucks. We have made ourselves very familiar with the parts we sell which means if you ever have a problem with these parts you can come straight to the people you bought them from for help and answers.

Normally you would have to call the manufacturer and hope someone there will call you back. That is not the case at DX2 Parts. We do not employ a single “Sales Man” only Diesel Geeks! We love what we do and we care more about friendships and happy customers than sales.

You will receive 100% of our undivided attention whether you are talking to our staff on the phone or conversing over e-mails. We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience here. Asking questions is the best thing you can do when buying parts for your truck, to ensure they are the correct parts and of the best quality.

Premier Diesel Performance Parts Dealer offering many products - If you dont see it gave us a call it may be in the works of getting added 360-243-3071. If your in the Northwest come by and see us Mon thru Friday.

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